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Ice Cream Cakes

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Order a custom Slinky's Ice Cream Cake for your event!

Our ice cream cakes are completely customizable and include endless options. Made with soft ice cream, hard ice cream, or frozen yogurt, our cakes appeal to all!
In addition to a customized cake, custom designs may be accommodated as well as lettering. 
To place an order for a custom cake, please fill out the order form below! Orders are required to be placed seven days before pick-up.

Large Soft Ice Cream Cake: $39.99
Large Hard Ice Cream Cake: $49.99
Large Frozen Yogurt Cake: $49.99

For vegans and those who can’t partake in dairy, we offer a 100% vegan ice cream cake option. Made with your choice of either plant-based soft ice cream, numerous flavours of dole whip, and vegan garnishes, our cakes are inclusive to all. For a full ingredients list of our vegan products, please request in the order form notes below and our team will promptly reply.

Contact us with your customized cake order and we will reply with a conformation!

Thanks for submitting! Enjoy your ice cream cake!

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